TRUSTDOCK Closes Series B


Tokyo, Japan


TRUSTDOCK raises $12 Million from Globis Capital Partners and others to fuel growth in Japan and expansion internationally.


TRUSTDOCK will expand its eKYC infrastructure and accelerate construction of its digital identity platform.


TRUSTDOCK Co., Ltd. (Head office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan), which provides a KYC platform for companies onboarding and serving customers remotely, has raised roughly $12 million USD from Globis Capital Partners, STRIVE, Sony Innovation Fund by IGV(※), Mitsubishi UFJ Capital, Mizuho Capital, and SMBC Venture Capital.

With the capital, TRUSTDOCK will strengthen and expand its existing capabilities for eKYC (electronic Know Your Customer) and bring its digital identity platform to market. Through this, TRUSTDOCK will solidify its position as a leader in the industry in Japan, as well as build on its early entry into the Southeast Asia region to begin expanding globally.



Centralized eKYC platform delivering decentralized compliance

TRUSTDOCK delivers a 24/7/365 eKYC platform that quickly and accurately processes various identity verification and background checking processes, such as authentication of various ID documents, personal verification with live selfie capture and face-matching, AML risk check, and local government ID database confirmation. Because this platform is completely customizable, companies only use and pay for what they need to satisfy their regulatory and operational requirements at any time.

By providing localized and compliant solutions across many countries simultaneously with a single API integration, TRUSTDOCK provides seamless identity verification and background checking for companies with customers in multiple countries.

With TRUSTDOCK’s new digital identity platform, any customers who have securely stored their verified TRUSTDOCK ID will have full control of their identity data and be able to quickly verify themselves with any company using TRUSTDOCK’s services.



Background and use of funds

Even before COVID-19, online engagements and transactions were increasing steadily. Recent lockdowns and travel restrictions have made it clear that the expansion of eKYC is critical for the future of business, as well as for equitable access to the goods and services all consumers today need to thrive.

TRUSTDOCK is well positioned to be a leader in delivering compliant, secure, and user-friendly eKYC services not just in Japan, but also in Asia Pacific broadly and in other regions where digital engagement and transactions are growing rapidly. TRUSTDOCK will use the capital raised to expand its eKYC platform and launch its digital identity service, as well as strengthen the technical development, regulatory compliance, and backend operations supporting both.

※ Innovation Growth Ventures Co., Ltd. (IGV) is managed by Sony Innovation Fund and Daiwa Capital Holdings.


Comments from Investors


Globis Capital Partners / Minami Ryohei

With strong and agile management, TRUSTDOCK has been a market leader since the dawn of eKYC in Japan and has grown into a service that is already supported by many customers. It is an industry where many changes may happen, including regulatory changes, and I am happy to be able to support the company’s medium- to long-term worldview and take on the challenge. We hope that this investment will accelerate growth and allow TRUSTDOCK to become an indispensable part of the ever-developing digitalization of society.

STRIVE / Tatsuo Tsutsumi

TRUST DOCK is a company that continues to provide innovative services in eKYC/digital identity that matches the current trend. We have invested from the last round, and for the past two years, they have continued to grow steadily both as a business and as an organization, and as a matter of course, we have made an additional investment in this round as well.

The realization of the worldview that TRUSTDOCK is aiming for is still a long way off, but with the addition of new and wonderful investors, we are very much looking forward to further growth.

Sony Innovation Fund by IGV / Gen Tsuchikawa

eKYC is a field with high social impact and an extremely important field in corporate management. TRUSTDOCK provides high value-added services based on its superior technological capabilities and will become a partner of more and more companies. We will continue to support TRUSTDOCK’s business growth.

Mitsubishi UFJ Capital / Hiroki Yamamoto

Identity verification is becoming more and more challenging due to the non-face-to-face contact of all services and the spread of fintech and the sharing economy. We are proud to make an additional investment in TRUST DOCK, who is taking this seriously and adding value to this. By expanding TRUSTDOCK as a social infrastructure, all people will be freed from complicated procedures and will be able to receive services smoothly. I am looking forward to the realization of such a future.

Mizuho Capital / Katsuya Hori

The eKYC / identity verification service that is provided by TRUST DOCK is not only dealing with AML laws but also for business-specific needs that are not related to laws and regulations. We recognize that this service has extremely high market potential, and we will continue to participate in this financing as we did in the last round. In the future, I have high expectations for further growth as an eKYC global company, such as entering the market centered on ASEAN.

SMBC Venture Capital / Makoto Morita

This is the third investment since 2018. The digitization that has progressed locally in various industries and services has become a rapid sea change due to COVID-19. As a KYC provider, we have big expectations for TRUSTDOCK, who have sincerely faced the social implementation of digital identity and will play a major role in supporting the development of a digital society.

Hiring to strengthen and expand organization

TRUSTDOCK has open positions for executives and managers including operations, business, and development. Please join us in creating valuable infrastructure for our future as a digital society. We look forward to applications from forward-thinking professionals.

Open positions

・ Business manager

・ Sales manager

・ CS manager

・ Security manager

・ Corporate manager

・ Legal manager

・ PdM (Product Manager)

・ Front-end engineer

・ Server-side engineer

・ Data analyst

・ Global corporate manager

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