eKYC in Operations Planning & Budgeting

This event was held on 6 December 2022

eKYC is a huge investment. No doubt about that.
And yet, organizations spend very little time actually breaking down their costs and assessing them.

There may be critical business questions that you are asking yourself but don’t have answers to, like:

  • How much revenue are we losing out on due to high drop off rates?
  • How can we better improve our processes and capture customers instead of losing them?
  • What are drop off rates and how can we bring them down?

We will help you find answers to the questions above, and walk you through the following at the webinar:

  • Key elements of eKYC operations
  • TRUSTDOCK features and how they impact your business
  • Average cost of verification per customer
  • Customers onboarding in a year (volume)

Join us on this crash-course where we suggest better processes, hand out expert advice by eKYC professionals and help you account for eKYC during operations planning & budget in 2023

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