Solution Provider-How efficient is your customer onboarding?

This event was held on 9 February 2023

Customer onboarding is no doubt a huge risk.
In this webinar, we want to talk about how efficient is your customer onboarding. So you can narrow down to your conversion, abandonment, and look at it from a business perspective.

You might want to start looking into some of these key attributes:

  • Customers onboarding in a year
  • Average cost per verification
  • Drop off rate % (abandoned eKYC process)
  • Average revenue per customer

There are also critical business questions that you are asking yourself but don’t have answers to, like:

  • How much revenue are we losing out on due to high drop off rates?
  • How can we better improve our processes and capture customers instead of losing them?
  • What are drop off rates and how can we bring them down?

Join us on this crash-course where we suggest better processes and management by eKYC professionals and help you with onboarding planning

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