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TRUSTDOCK helps buyers and sellers to connect for a wide range of goods and services

Peer-to-peer (P2P) marketplaces are a fantastic way for buyers and sellers to connect for a wide range of goods and services. But for the marketplace to succeed, buyers and sellers must trust the other party. Even without regulatory requirements, P2P marketplaces want to ensure that potential fraudsters are screened out before entering their sites.

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For business operations that may not need to answer to regulatory compliance, but still require in-depth identity authentication, TRUSTDOCK offers the following bundle:
Selfie Video Capture

Customer takes a selfie video that TRUSTDOCK uses for verification.

ID Document Capture

Customer takes a video that captures the front, back, and side of their ID for TRUSTDOCK to verify.


Optical character recognition "reads" documents for added layer of verification, comparing ID info to that provided by the customer.

Document Randomness Check

Customer must put their ID photo within a random sequence of spaces for real-time image recognition to ensure that the ID capture is occuring live and that it is not a pre-recorded video attempting to cheat the system.

Face Recognition and Matching

Customer's face from their selfie video is analyzed and compared to images from their ID document, IC chip, and/or ID database.

Personal Liveness Check

Customer's selfie video is analyzed using motion and voice detection to confirm that an actual live person was the subject and not a pre-recorded video or deepfake meant to cheat the system.

Government ID Database Verification

IInformation digitally read from customer ID is compared against national identity databases.

Government IC Chip Authentication

Customer ID's IC chip is read via NFC or physical card reader for comparison against national identity databases.


Every TRUSTDOCK product, whether through a website or a mobile app, provides the trusted service clients have come to rely on.

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