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TRUSTDOCK's e-KYC services offer a smoother and faster reservation and check-in experience

Travel and hospitality companies are required to identify their customers before giving them a place to stay. Gone are the days of a sign-in sheet that is rarely checked, and with the technology available today, customers expect to be able to seamlessly make travel arrangements.
Travel companies and accommodation providers can offer their visitors and travelers an extra level of security as well as a smoother and faster reservation and check-in experience with TRUSTDOCK’s e-KYC services.

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Our features that we bundled for travel and hospitality companies are simple and effective:
Selfie Video Capture

Customer takes a selfie video that TRUSTDOCK uses for verification.

ID Document Capture

Customer takes a video that captures the front, back, and side of their ID for TRUSTDOCK to verify.


Optical character recognition "reads" documents for added layer of verification, comparing ID info to that provided by the customer.

Face Recognition and Matching

Customer's face from their selfie video is analyzed and compared to images from their ID document, IC chip, and/or ID database.

Personal Liveness Check

Customer's selfie video is analyzed using motion and voice detection to confirm that an actual live person was the subject and not a pre-recorded video or deepfake meant to cheat the system.


With our intuitive user interface front and center in every TRUSTDOCK product, your customers will feel reassured that you are looking out for their best interests.

4,568,858 Total Verifications Completed
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