Get the ultimate fraud-proof authentication method through a seamless user experience

Maximise both conversion and fraud detection

NFC stands for Near Field Communication, a technology that enables devices to communicate with each other over short distances. With most smartphones from 2010 onwards equipped with the NFC technology, they can communicate with chips stored in most passports or even some ID documents to access secured and digital information from the user’s identity

TRUSTDOCK PASSPORT solution leverages on this technology to deliver a seamless Identity Verification experience:

  • For your consumers: It takes only 30 seconds to authenticate
  • For your businesses: no more manual review required for good customers. Fraudulent ones are detected on the spot!
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How it works

3 steps to convert your customers

Step 1: Scan MRZ

Automated passport detection

Auto extraction of MRZ information

High OCR accuracy

Step 2: Scan IC chip

90 Countries covered

Instant passport chip reading

Extraction of chip information

Step 3: Run Liveness Check

Automated selfie scan

Liveness assurance

Face matching against chip’s photo

Advanced user experience

• Designed around the idea that Identity
• Verification should be frictionless
• Delivers an end-to-end passive authentication solution, with only 1 call to action, enabling customers to verify their identity in less than 30 seconds

NFC Technology

• Automated reading and extraction of passport chip information
• Compatible with all e-passports from ICAO members (90 countries)

Face matching

• Face matching against ID photo
• False Acceptance Rate: 0.001%
• False Rejection Rate: 0.5%


• iBeta Level 1 and Level 2 tested (conforms with ISO/IEC 30107-3 for presentation attack detection)
• Conforms with ISO/IEC 19795 - 1:2006 for testing biometric verification performance (audited by the UK National Physical Laboratory NPL)

Fraud detection

• End-to-end fraud-proof solution
• Only secured information from IC chip returned (none from the passport's front page)
• Highly secured face matching verification

Liveness Check

• Passive authentication: no speech nor actions required by users
• Canny filter to tackle selfie anxiety
• Liveness assurance

Form auto-fill

Form auto-fill with 100% accuracy, by capturing data from the passport chip directly


• Easy integration, which can be done in a matter of hours, not weeks
• SDKs available for:

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Be Compliant

Offer a peace of mind for your KYC teams with a fully compliant Identity Verification solution

Reduce Manual KYC Review

Streamline your KYC processes, and empower your teams with a fully automated KYC solution

Grow your business

Convert more customers with a seamless user experience, and enable your business to grow faster

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