TRUSTDOCK: The e-KYC and Due Diligence You Need

Get on with business with TRUSTDOCK. TRUSTDOCK provides an integrated interface that allows you to conduct the Know Your Customer (KYC) and Customer Due Diligence (CDD) you require without needing to build out and manage your own KYC infrastructure. Your TRUSTDOCK product becomes part of your infrastructure, and is customized to verify customer identities at the level you need for conducting your business. You can access and leverage TRUSTDOCK verification services by integrating our products:

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  • Customers are smoothly diverted to our verification portal using a dedicated QR code or deep link.
  • TRUSTDOCK’s intuitive UI allows customers to easily and quickly complete the verification process.
  • Once verified, customers are automatically routed back to your website or app.
  • The simplest integration with a dedicated verification process.
  • Access to TRUSTDOCK’s own digital identity database for even faster processing.
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  • TRUSTDOCK’s intuitive UI is integrated into your website for continuous customer experience.
  • Customers experience the same quick, easy, and dependable verification as TRUSTDOCK Portal.
  • Ideal for businesses serving their customers exclusively on a website and want the customer verification flow to live on their own website.
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  • TRUSTDOCK’s intuitive UI and verification processes available for your mobile app.
  • Available for iOS and Android.
  • TRUSTDOCK e-KYC and CDD available seamlessly as with TRUSTDOCK Web.
  • Ideal for companies that want to build TRUSTDOCK verification directly into their mobile apps.
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Tailored for your business

Whatever interface you choose, you will get outstanding digital identity verification services already trusted by dozens of Japan’s leading companies and millions of their customers. TRUSTDOCK will customize your product with the features bundle best suited for your business and regulatory needs and your customer preferences. We blend our e-KYC and CDD services into your operations with minimal interruption. Your customers only notice the ease and convenience of doing business with you. TRUSTDOCK verifies, leaving your business free to grow.

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