Trusted e-KYC & CDD directly on your mobile app

Get the same seamless trusted digital identity verification as TRUSTDOCK Web on your mobile app. Customers access TRUSTDOCK’s comprehensive e-KYC and CDD digital identity infrastructure and services for efficient processing to foster smooth business relationships.

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Let your mobile app achieve KYC and CDD excellence

With TRUSTDOCK SDK, your mobile app achieves KYC and CDD excellence by integrating our verification processes into your systems. Your customers click through your app, completing TRUSTDOCK verification. Once verified, your trusted relationship is established for credible future business, all from a mobile device. TRUSTDOCK SDK can be customized and integrated into your app as required across industry needs, including:

And many more

Benefits of TRUSTDOCK SDK access

Intuitive UI and Verification Process

Your mobile app integrates TRUSTDOCK’s intuitive UI and verification processes for seamless customer experiences.

iOS and Android

Compatible with iOS and Android.


Reliable TRUSTDOCK e-KYC and CDD infrastructure available as with TRUSTDOCK Web.

Verified Customer Information

Verified customer information is transferred to your systems. All customer data belongs and stays with you for data privacy compliance and future reference.

Mobile Verification

Ideal for companies wanting TRUSTDOCK verification directly in their mobile apps.

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