Customized verification through your website

TRUSTDOCK Web brings TRUSTDOCK’s comprehensive KYC and due diligence platform and services further into your fold. Our trusted KYC infrastructure and intuitive UI is delivered directly through your website for an even smoother verification process.

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Strengthen customer confidence with TRUSTDOCK Web. Your customers complete digital identity verification through our proven, intuitive interface without leaving your website. Customers go through a continuous experience, and you develop more trusted relationships and transactions.

TRUSTDOCK Web is fully customizable to conduct personal identity verification and document  authentication based on your specific business and regulatory requirements. The platform regularly validates customers for:

And many more

Benefits of TRUSTDOCK Web access

Intuitive UI

Continuous customer experience by integrating TRUSTDOCK’s intuitive UI.

Data Privacy

All customer data is yours for data privacy compliance and for future reference. We transfer verified customer information directly to your systems.

Customer Verification

Ideal for businesses serving customers exclusively on a website and want the customer verification flow to live on their own website.

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