Selfie Verification

UI / UX to enhance conversions

Delivers a simple, passive user experience

Verify the person's identity (KYC)

Confirms user is the right person and provides assurance that it is a real person

Scalable for high number of verifications

Ideal for frequent online authentications, when threat of attack is low

The Technology

Our selfie verification technology verifies that a face presented to a mobile device is a live human being. It identifies if a photograph or video or mask is being used to attempt to spoof the biometric security system as part of a presentation attack.

It confirms that a user is:

  • The right person – this person exists and has the right to access the online account or service
  • A real person – this person is a human being and not a photo, a mask, or other presentation attack

How It Helps

Converts more customer = More revenue!

Verifies the identity of online users easily

Increases customer completion rates

Drives adoption with simple authentication ceremony

Balances security and cost for low-threat interactions


Our eKYC solutions are ISO and Privacy Mark certified
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In summary
  • 1

    Seamless Integration

  • 2

    Demo in seconds

  • 3

    Integrate and launch in days

  • 4

    Deliver seamless verification across mobile apps and websites

The best way to manage onboarding with eKYC.
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