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The world is digital. A majority of transactions and interactions occur online, and digital infrastructure allows connection and access from nearly anywhere. Even most government identification documents, such as ID cards and passports, as well as credit and debit cards, have IC chips that store data to make access more convenient and secure.


All this electronic information makes possible quick and convenient Know Your Client (KYC) and Customer Due Diligence (CDD) checks for companies wanting to onboard customers and grow their business. However, inconsistent standards, hackers, and poor customer experience are pitfalls for many companies inexperienced in digital verification and authentication. For similar reasons, customers and potential customers are reluctant to trust most interfaces demanding their personal, private information.

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Digital IDs help businesses and their customers

As more businesses across Asia and globally require KYC or CDD, more customers will want the opportunity to expedite this process. Tired of repeatedly filling out forms or providing documents and unsure about how their information will be protected, customers today demand a secure, trusted Digital ID provider who can instantly verify their identity while protecting their personal data.

TRUSTDOCK is a proven e-KYC service provider, trusted by dozens of companies and millions of their customers across Japan. As an extension of our services, we offer TRUSTDOCK ID. TRUSTDOCK ID is a secure virtual identity wallet where users can store their TRUSTDOCK-verified information for future use by other companies using TRUSTDOCK products. Users maintain full control over their verified ID data, allowing access only to the data needed to vendors who in turn can instantly establish a trusted relationship with TRUSTDOCK ID users. All maintained by TRUSTDOCK’s secure platform.

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