TRUSTDOCK KYC Services for Your Essential Due Diligence

Every company requires some level of due diligence for successful business operations. Financial institutions and other related businesses must comply with anti-money laundering (AML) and anti-terrorism funding (ATF) regulations. Even if not required to conduct legislated Know Your Customer (KYC), all companies want to ensure that their customers are legitimate to avoid being party to suspicious activities or being defrauded.


However, many companies are not equipped to handle these checks to the level required to ensure a trusted business relationship. Rather than building and maintaining a customer verification system and team in-house, many businesses are turning to TRUSTDOCK’s proven e-KYC solutions. This not only saves money, but also ensures a world-class KYC service that is easy to use and evolves and scales with their business.

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e-KYC requires technology and experience

Authenticating documents and verifying identities quickly and accurately require more than just access to such technologies as near-field communications and facial recognition applications. There needs to be access to government databases and the ability to flawlessly execute checks with minimal disruption to customers or companies. There also needs to be a deep understanding of the balance between efficiency, customer experience, security, and risk.

TRUSTDOCK bundles all of these services with critical expertise and perspective that can only come from having successfully verified millions of identities. Outsourced and yet fully integrated, TRUSTDOCK products provide the vital KYC infrastructure companies need while customer interactions continue seamlessly.

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