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Did you know that:

• 68% of consumers are abandoning applications during the onboarding process

• 21% of consumers think the KYC process takes too long to complete

• 26% of KYC operational costs are due to data-quality problems

TRUSTDOCK’S eKYC solution, TRUST ID, makes sure to tackle all these challenges at once, by delivering a seamless identity verification experience for both your consumers and your business

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How it works

3 Steps to convert your customers

Step 1: Scan ID

12,000+ ID templates supported

240+ countries covered

Auto-recognition of the ID type

Step 2: Review Information

OCR technology embedded

98 languages supported

Form auto-fill with high accuracy

Step 3: Run Liveness Check

Automated selfie scan

Liveness assurance

Face matching against ID photo

Advanced user experience

• eKYC solutions designed with frictionless Identity Verification
• Delivers an end-to-end passive authentication solution, with only 1 call to action, enabling customers to verify their identity in less than 30 seconds

ID Document

• 350+ ASEAN ID documents covered, 12,000+ globally
• Automated detection and cropping of ID documents
• Automated rejection of blurry / invalid ID documents
• Adding of new templates upon request (2 weeks)

Face matching

• Face matching against ID photo
• False Acceptance Rate: 0.001%
• False Rejection Rate: 0.5%


• iBeta Level 1 and Level 2 tested (conforms with ISO/IEC 30107-3 for presentation attack detection)
• Conforms with ISO/IEC 19795 - 1:2006 for testing biometric verification performance (audited by the UK National Physical Laboratory NPL)

OCR / Form auto-fill

• 98 languages supported, including Thai and Vietnamese
• High accuracy (>98% for Thai characters)
• Custom selection of fields captured
• Custom selection of fields editable by users

Liveness Check

• Passive authentication: no speech nor actions required by users
• Canny filter to tackle selfie anxiety
• Liveness assurance


• Easy integration, which can be done in a matter of hours, not weeks
• SDKs available for:

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Be Compliant

Offer a peace of mind for your KYC teams with a fully compliant Identity Verification solution

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Streamline your KYC processes, and empower your teams with a fully automated eKYC solution

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Convert more customers with a seamless user experience, and enable your business to grow faster

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